Secret Colors – Christine Elliott

Secret Colors (0-00-00-00)_1
We all deserve a second chance.
Download Secret Colors. Created by Christine Elliott.


Mercury Retrograde – Garrett Davis

Mercury Retrograde (0;00;00;00)
During the short period of the mercury retrograde, four people get a second chance at life with unexpected results.
Download Mercury Retrograde. Created by Garrett Davis.

Nightwing – Chris McIntosh

One-Hour Drama

Dick Grayson tries to leave the superhero life but finds himself surrounded by crime and corruption.

Download Pilot Created by Chris McIntosh

Late Night Walmart – Olivia Biddick

Half-Hour Comedy
Three very different women meet at Walmart every Friday night and form an unlikely bond.
Download Pilot Created by Olivia Biddick

Henchmen – Jeffrey Black

Half Hour Comedy.
Keeping good henchmen on staff for their super villain employer is a daily task for Haywood and Roscoe.
Download Henchmen Created by Jeffrey Black

Justice – Kalman Kreitman

One-Hour Drama.
The handler for an aspiring superhero with a contract to serve the FBI must keep his reckless charge on task, while finding the people responsible for murdering his own family.

Download Justice Created by Kahlman Kreitman

Reds – Katy Deitz

One-Hour Drama.
A young writer struggles to establish his career during the Hollywood red scare.

Download Reds Created by Katy Deitz